What is this?

This a glossary of my technical terms, professional jargon, aphorisms, anecdotes, influences, sclerotic prejudices, well-worn saws and study materials for my students. It is also a pedagogical experiment in the presentation of material.

Although written in English, there is a bias towards satisfying the needs of my Danish acting students, so there are some entries mixed in that might seem rather basic to an English speaker. I am not an academic, and do not adhere to strict academic standards, but where I quote or borrow I will try to point to sources.

The site will be in a constant state of development and expansion. There is a lot more material to come, so check in regularly for updates!

Eventually, the experimental goal of this project is to provide several criss-crossing guided voyages through the material, following different themes. A body of knowledge like this is multi-dimensional, and there are so many possible ways of presenting it.

As I am hand-coding the HTML myself, initially the emphasis will be on content rather than design. It is simple code, so should load quickly and easily on all platforms. But if I am going to implement my idea about voyages, it looks like I will have to learn some Java Script...!

This project is supported by The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Southern Denmark (AMDA)

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