A teacher is someone with the ability to understand why others don’t understand, and with a talent for recognizing other people's talent.

A bad teacher teaches more than he knows. A good teacher teaches what he knows. A great teacher teaches less than he knows.

An acting teacher's work involves Blood, Sweat and Tears!!!


Artistic and intellectual investment...
Giving and taking inspiration.
Channeling one’s own creative energies in the service of others.
Maintaining a relaxed aesthetic that can accommodate a range of student abilities and interests.


Physical investment...
Long hours, low wages, unpaid overtime.
Maintaining one's own physical condition and technique.


Emotional investment...
Human relationships.
Empathy, nurturing.
Provocation (intended and unintended).

Teaching at Festival of Fools

So much of teaching is about accelerating processes that would happen anyway in the professional environment, but much more slowly. Perhaps after all, there is no such thing as teaching. One can only create situations which increase the chances of learning. Then it is all up to the student.

“When you try to change a man’s paradigm you must keep in mind he can hear only through the filter of the paradigm he holds.”

- Myron T. Tribus

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